First I would like to thank ALL the members of the usc_fall2005 yahoo group for the help and information shared regarding the procedures. Also "ALL THE BEST" to all Visa aspirants ..
Myself Vaibhav Bora, from Pune applying for MS in CS. I had my Visa appointment on the 21st of June at 8:15 am. The interview lasted just about 4-5 minutes.
I and my Dad reached the VFS SnS Lounge by 7:15am and waited in the queue. (I had taken the Lounge coupon. There are 2 queues at the VFS Lounge one for the Visa Interview Scheduling and other for the actual Interview. We have to stand in the Visa Interview Queue. All may know this by now but just a reminder again).
Then waited inside the Lounge. Dad was getting the coffee for me. By 8:00 I got inside the bus and then headed towards the Visa Office. After all the security checks I was inside by 8:30. (Remember – nothing is allowed inside the office, some had mobiles, leather handbags etc. Small Wallet is allowed)
Then inside, we have to stand in a Q for getting the token number and a yellow envelop. (This envelop has our address where the Passport is couriered – just check it again). I got the number 0750 (i was very happy as any multiple of 5 is a lucky for me.)
Then one more queue for finger prints (counter number 1). After that I was seated and waited for my turn. (This is the only time you get to ease and make yourself ready. Have some water… but remember to concentrate when any announcement is made.. Sometimes Token numbers are called, sometime Names are Called.. be alert and listen to it completely, do not miss any number, they are not in sequence any random order)
Time 9:05 .. an announcement was made – "following people come to counter 6 , then few numbers were called and when the number 0749 was called a shock-wave went through me". but that was the last number in the Q.. I was little worried and was confident mine will be called in the next announcement.
Then at 9:10 announcement made from counter 5 and mine was the first. But i forgot the counter number. Then saw few people coming to counter 5. I was happy as my interview was on counter 5 (my lucky number). I was the first one Q. I remained standing and waited for the consul to call me in… (He was neat looking young guy). After few seconds he called me in..
(I was keeping the document folder on the desk.)

VO – How are you
ME – (I had not picked up the phone) Fine.
(Then picked up the phone)
ME – Good Morning Sir !
VO – Good Morning.
ME – Thank you
VO – Have you been to US before ?
ME – No
VO – Have you been to any other country ?
ME – Never
VO – Why you wana go to US ?
ME – Sir, I want to pursue Master in Computer Science, with specialization in Software Engineering
VO – Which Institution ?
ME – (for a few seconds I couldn’t get the name.) Then after think I said University of Southern California in Los Angeles
VO – Why you wana go to USC?
ME – Sir, USC is highly reputed school. It has tremendous research infrastructure and a world renown faculty. (forgot to say about the rank)
VO – You said it has good research infrastructure, what research is going in USC on Software Engineering ?
ME – (Was not prepared well for this question) Sir, SE is about designing any software on an abstract level. There are various methods and models for designing a complete software – COCOMO Model, the Spiral Model. In USC research is going on new models and methods.
(the climax question)
VO – Ok. Tell me how will you support your education
ME – Sir, My father is sponsoring my education. He is in housing construction business. Our firm Bora Associates constructs about 30-35 thousand sq.ft. of properties every year and our net annual Income is around x lakh rupees.
VO – Do you pay the Indian Government Tax?
ME – Yes, sir we do pay the Income tax. In 2004 our income was around x lakhs, in 2003 its was y lakhs and z lakhs before that. The income fluctuates every year as the Apartments takes 1-2 years to complete.
VO – ok. Were you working somewhere ?
(I had me mentioned on the DS form that I was working in Entire India Online [EIOL] during my under graduation. I was well prepared to answer this question)
ME – Yes, I was working in EIOL, during my under graduation. I worked there as a trainee engineer. My job responsibilities include desiging web based systems, programming, etc.
VO – Did they pay you
ME – Gave a small stipend. It was very small amount.
VO – At what timings were working.
ME – Sir, after college i.e. after 5pm from 7 – 9 pm.
VO – Undergraduate degree from where ?
ME – From MIT i.e. Maharashtra Institute of Technology. It comes under Pune University.
VO – After MS what ?
ME – Sir, I will come back and join the company. This company currently is a service provider. It provides services like helpline for information related to any Business, online Classified advts. etc. I was making the software required for these services. After MS I would take the company in a new on i.e. in software development.
(the magical words)
VO – (### said few words) I only heard "good luck to you in California"
ME – Thank you sir !

Not a single document was asked. It is just the "Confidence" they look at. I was constantly looking towards him throughout the session. He was also looking back to see if i’m getting nervos.. Initially I was a bit nervous but knew that confidence is required – I motivated myself and conquered the nervousness.
Then I got the I20 n SEVIS receipt and ran out to catch the bus. My dad was waiting inside the Lounge. We both had coffee. Then is started raining. We opened the umbrella and went to the Mahalakshmi Temple and then went home in Dadar where my Mom and brother were waiting.
I thanked my parents for their support.
We came back to Pune (I drove the car back home).
– Just be confident.
– Listen to your number carefully
– Tell round figures of income
– Don’t be nervous when you see rejects (I was lucky as I was the 1st in line)
– If you feel you are getting nervous > just motivate yourself !
thank-you all for your time and suggestions.
Wishing all BEST of LUCK.
See you all at LA


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  1. Akshay Bhandari says:

    I was not lucky as Vaibhav Bhayya……
    I was the fifth person in Q……All 4 people were rejected before me.(brought back the passport outside)……
    But as the same case, I encouraged myself (Yes, I can do it.)…..main nahi to koi nahii……

    Thank you Bhayya……It is really a fantastic blog for new on coming Graduate Students….

  2. Sim says:

    Hey Vaibhav,

    Excellent post on your Visa Interview experience. My younger sister will be appearing for hers on Friday, and is a complete bundle of nerves at the moment. I was looking for people’s experiences online and came across yours. I immediately mailed her the link!

    Must say, the little details you’ve mentioned (be alert and not miss your number, be confident, etc.) will be of great help to her. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Oh, and hope LA is treating you well!


  3. Swapneel Talera says:

    A great article written about your experience. It was very attention driven, enjoyed reading it and was actually wondering about your memory remembering the entire stuff that happened including your badge no.(may be because of your lucky no. :P). Great writing.

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