I am pleased to recommend XXXXX who is applying for the Master’s program in Computer Science in your university. I have known XXXX for the last four years as a student of our college when I taught him the subjects of "Computer Fundamentals", "Computer Graphics" and "Software Engineering" and supervised the practical sessions for XXXXX.
Through my interaction with XXX I have found that he has an excellent grasping power and logical bent of mind. He is a hard working and sincere student full of initiative and drive and his academic performance duly reflects this. During the practical sessions I came to form a favorable opinion of XXX due to his good laboratory skills and capacity to practically implement theoretical knowledge. 
    XXX had worked under my guidance on his mini-project ‘A database Management System for an NGO’.  I have seen the diligence with which XXX worked on the project and I was impressed by his perseverance. It was a novel project where he showed XXXX.
He ranked among the top XX in a class of XX during the Bachelor’s course. He is very innovative and generally came up with intelligent questions that reflected his understanding of the subjects and quest for knowledge. XXX used to take the initiative in satisfactorily completing all his assignments within the given time. He regularly frequented the library thus upgrading and adding to his technical abilities.
I sincerely believe that he deserves admission to your program to enable him to pursue higher studies. In view of his consistently good track record, his zeal for learning and his commitment to his goal, I strongly recommend XXXX for admission as well as financial aid and also wish him the best for the future.

Prof. ABC
Asst. Professor
Computer Science Dept.


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