I understand that XXXXX is applying for admission to your Master’s program in Computer Science. I have known XXXX for the past two years. I have taught him “TCS”, “Database Management Systems” and “DSF” and laboratory sessions in “NCPL” and “DSF” during the Bachelor of Engineering program. During these years, I got to know him quite well.
As his teacher, I have known XXXX as a dedicated student, who was very regular in submission of his assignments. He is an intelligent student with a great amount of sincerity and dedication to his work. He also has good grasping power and analytical ability, which was reflected in his practical work. His inquisitiveness showed in the intriguing and intelligent queries posed by him, thus revealing a creative mind.  He has a zeal for understanding the essence of the subject, not just as an academic formality but also through his urge to thoroughly assimilate the fundamentals.

He has an open mind and is receptive to new ideas. He is willing to put in extra efforts to update himself on the latest developments in his field. He is also eager to shoulder additional responsibilities entrusted to him. I am fully confident that his flair for application of concepts and penchant for innovative technologies would make him an apt research scholar. Additionally he also has good communication skills, high motivation and a sense of maturity in presenting his ideas.

I am confident that he will do extremely well in his chosen field of education. I, therefore, strongly recommend him as a potential graduate student for your esteemed institute.


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