Letter of Recommendation

It gives me pleasure to recommend XX who has been my student for one and a half years. I have taught her “Theory of Computation”, “Computer Graphics” and “Computer Algorithms”. I also guided her in some of her mini projects.

As a student she is extremely dedicated and diligent. She has a very good academic record and has been securing over 70% marks. She ranks among the top 20% students in her class. From my interactions with her and even from the class room discussions I could make out that she has a thorough understanding of fundamentals and evinces keen interest in her studies. Her questions reflect her quest for knowledge and also that she keeps herself updated with the latest developments in her field.

She sought my guidance in her mini project “Payroll System”. Here she demonstrated her programming skills in C++ and also her clear understanding of DBMS concepts. She put in lot of hard work and some of her ideas were innovative. XX is clear about her objectives and her thinking is logical.

XXXXXXXXX is an amiable and well-mannered student who works harmoniously in a team. She is helpful and maintains good relations with the faculty and also her friends. She is confident and can communicate effectively.

Given her abilities and commitment I believe that XXXXX has the potential to undertake higher studies. I therefore strongly endorse her application for admission and also for financial aid.


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    Thanks for the scope its very handy…

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    Thanx. It was really helpful.

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