Recommendation Letter

I have known XXXXX for three years as a student of our college. I am associated with her as the guide for her final year project and also supervised her Lab work.
XXXXX has selected a very practical theme for her project. She and her team are developing a Wireless LAN. As the project relies heavily on the use of Java, XX is painstakingly getting conversant in its use. I can see her determination to become well versed for which she is leaving no stone unturned. At times when she gets stuck up somewhere she feels dejected but that is a momentary phenomenon and she immediately pulls herself together and proceeds afresh with full vigor. I am also impressed by her skill in and aptitude for writing concise but efficient programs. In these she showed an ability to innovate approaches rather than follow the beaten track.

She is very regular and punctual in submitting her assignments. She is systematic and assiduous in her approach. She does not hesitate to seek clarification, which helps her in a clear understanding of the logic and the concepts. In fact some of her questions set me thinking and this helped me to learn in the process.

I think that her zeal for learning and her perseverance as well as her industriousness amply qualify her for graduate studies. I am pleased to recommend her application for admission to MS and would also request that she be given financial assistance.


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