I would like to share my statement of purpose which I wrote way back in 2005.

My overpowering anxiety to march ahead of the prescribed curriculum and a matching urge to acquire a practical orientation to whatever interested me propelled me to take up a concurrent employment along with my under graduation [OR While economic compulsions obliged me, I now thank my stars as it has proved to be a blessing in disguise]. As a result, the past four years have not only been a test of my perseverance and patience but an exhilarating learning experience through a blend of theoretical inputs and practical work. I feel that my hard work has more than compensated me by providing me a solid foundation that has set me well ahead of my contemporaries both in terms of hands-on experience and domain knowledge. I am also grateful to my employers ‘Entire India Online Pvt. Ltd.’(EIOL) who took me on as a raw hand, but they too have reaped the rewards of my admirable performance.

During these four years with EIOL, that is into databases, search engines, replication, client-server architecture and mobile sms etc., I have developed and designed web applications using ASP, MS – SQL. This worthwhile exposure also encouraged and enabled me to develop a website for my college (acesmit.com) that has turned out to be a virtual masterpiece and earned me tremendous appreciation. I am also in the process of completing development of a placement module for our college (for details please refer item X of Resume). My job responsibilities include management of the Server and its Clients, supervising the Network, managing Database replications and backups. Among my special achievements I can mention a complete search engine for Yellow Pages viz. Business Information Website that I developed. I employed my own customized application to develop the Replication module. Moreover I also developed a SMS module for sending SMS to customers. At the work place and even among friends, I am known for invariably and meticulously completing any task assigned to me. Thus my fairly eventful and insightful stint has spurred me to push at the boundaries of knowledge through a MS program that will equip me with the advanced awareness and skills. My preferred field of specialization is Networking or more specifically Distributed Systems. For this I can’t think of a better environment than XXXX University.

The milestones I achieved were not without hard work and deep thought and study. In course of this was triggered my interest in Distributed Systems. Today, the world of computers is moving from slow, isolated and centralized systems to fast and distributed systems. The diversification of computers into distributed systems gives rise to problems like lack of synchronization and traffic jam. This has opened the doors for innumerable research opportunities. My objective is to assimilate the latest technology and trends in the field and implement it in my present company or any such company to raise its technological performance by a few notches.

My B.E. final year project titled ‘ZEN’ provides complete solution to manage and develop new product/software applications. Our task was to enhance the performance of ZEN, which had already been developed by Satyam Computers Ltd., a leading internationally renowned software solutions provider. It called for major improvements in the middle tier components. ZEN has hundreds of components linked to each other and thus the improvement required a comprehensive redesign that entailed extensive thinking. We totally replaced the middle tier components with new XML technology. The stateful architecture was converted to stateless design which is more versatile and scalable. To accomplish this almost gigantic task, we used XML as the medium to represent object state and thus it resulted in major performance improvement. Also caching the XML data on client was another new addition. All these collectively enhanced the performance. The design changes we introduced made the project scalable and substantially reduced the number of objects. Overall network traffic and memory requirement was reduced by 50% and it achieved 80 – 90% improvement in the performance. Our painstaking efforts were well rewarded when our project was adjudged the second best among 40 projects in our class and also came in for handsome praise from Satyam. Above all it exposed me to all aspects of distributed and client-server architecture as well as new technologies like DCOM, COM, XML apart from software engineering concepts and fourth generation languages. This was a truly invigorating and memorable experience and is one of the triggers for my inspiration for advanced studies.

My experience related to search engines prompted me to make a seminar presentation on ‘Google’s search technology & architecture’. In this I illustrated the different algorithms used and how the index is organized and stored besides vividly explaining how a huge system like a search engine actually functions. My presentation generated considerable interest and turned out to be among the best in my class.

Thus my exposure to large systems in course of my job, project work and seminar presentation has greatly magnified my interest in Networking, Distributed systems or ant Internet related system.

I love to experiment and am stirred by challenges. Not surprisingly I participated in each of the last three years in intercollegiate project competitions and won the First Prize in 2002 and the Second Prize in 2003 & 04 at Intechxication, a project competition organized by our college.

My hectic schedule at college and my work place did not deter me from participating in extra curricular activities that has helped shape my well rounded personality. I was the Web Administrator of my college website for two years. I was the Vice-President of Leo Club, affiliated to Lions Club International. In this capacity, I contributed towards organizing Blood Donation, Tree Plantation, Eye Checkup, Pollution Checkup camps in Pune and suburbs. I was a participant in International Youth Camp organized by Lions Club at Kolkata and was awarded a certificate for best overall performance in my group. I had participated in Yantriki, a techfest at IIT, Mumbai, where we had built a robot (a micro-mouse) that could solve a maze on its own.

Browsing through the web site of your university, I am extremely impressed by the ongoing research in the area of Networking/Distributed Systems. I am heartened to learn about the excellent facilities, a milieu replete with academic activity, and a graduate program, which blends high quality course work and research facilities. I assure you of my absolute commitment and whole-hearted participation in the programs offered. I hope to contribute to the advances in the latest research and join the illustrious alumni of your prestigious university.


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