I heard about xobni my friend Sam Deskin and read about it on techcrunch. I liked its features and decided to give it a try. I generally don’t like to install lots of plugins on my most used tools since it makes them slow. But Xobni made a huge difference. 

xobni make outlook like gmail. I love gmail for all the great features it has. But at work we use Microsoft Exchange, which is also a great tool for enterprise collaboration. My Blackberry Curve 8900 also works great with exchange and keeps everything in sync. I always wished for gmail like conversation view in outlook. Let me talk about how xobni made my life easier.


  • Fast Seaching: xobni does its own indexing and make it really fast to search emails, contacts etc.

  • Email Conversations: xobni displays a small side bar on the right and lists all conversations with the selected contact. I like this feature a lot and don’t have to do lots of clicks to get a list of past emails for that user. Additionally it groups conversations like gmail and lists email text/replies like IM conversation.

  • Attachments: I love this feature. It displays all the files exchanged with a particular user. This features saves so much time for me.

  • Outlook Social: xobni has lots of more features like links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Hoovers. I didn’t find these features so useful yet.


  • xobni does analytics which I never care about. Its ok not to have this feature and make xobni light-weight.
  • xobni runs a background process for indexing. Some of my friends have experienced their computer slowing down.

How to Install:

Download xobni from http://www.xobni.com and enjoy its features.

What’s Next:

I am eagerly waiting what they have to offer for my blackberry 🙂

I recommend xobni for people who use Outlook. It saves me a lot of time.


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